Technical Details

Direct mailing




The mailing should be delivered as a plain .html file.

Subject of the mail

The subject of the mail should be mentioned in the <­title­> tag of the HTML.

Deadline for delivery

We'd like to receive your HTML 3 days before the release.




W 600 pixels (max. 650 pixels)

Centered mailing

You can center your mail by placing it in a table with width="100%" and align="center" on the <­td­>.

A background-color can also be applied by adding a style="background-color:#...".

Resolve Hotmail issues

Include the following code to prevent issues for Hotmailclients.

<­style type="text/css"­>
<­/style ­>

Readable text

Make sure all text is readable in the final result. White text on a white background is not done and will be marked as SPAM, which will lead to a negative result.

Working hyperlinks

All hyperlinks should use an absolute path a have to work properly and should have a target="_blank"


HTML-CODE: What is allowed and what isn't?

No style-sheets

A mailing using CSS-classes is not recommended, because of known issues with non webbased e-mailclients such as Outlook.

Use inline-styles

The use of inline-styles is recommended

<­p style="font-size:14px;"­>test<­/p­>

No attributes in the <­BODY­>

Most e-mail clients will ignore the attributes used in the <­BODY­>.

Use tables instead of div's

Div's tend to be wrongfully processed by e-mail clients. Therefore we recommend the use of nested tables (instead of col- and rowspans).

No javascript
Absolute paths

Only absolute paths are allowed in mailings.

<­img src="" width="200" height="100" alt="test" style="display:block;" /­>

No resizing and image-maps

Resizing of images is not recommended. Neither is the use of image-maps.

Obligated attributes of the <­img­>
  • alt="..."
  • width="..."
  • height="..."
  • style="display:block;"
Do not use background-images

The use of background-images is not allowed.


Use the most common fonts that are likely to be web-safe like:

  • Arial
  • Trebuchet MS
  • Tahoma
  • Times New Roman
  • ...

More fonts

You can find a list on:



Via e-mail
(maximum filesize 7 Mb)

Via WeTransfer
(maximum filesize 2 Gb)

Send a confirmation email at

Download the Indesign-template in a .ZIP
Download the Indesign-template in a .ZIP